Closed Door Summer

The month of April- May are the official summer months in Asia, particularly in the Philippines. At this time of the year, beach resorts, hotels and villas near the beach are fully booked. I remember my last summer with my family, we drove around my province for about 6 hours because we couldn't find resorts … Continue reading Closed Door Summer

The Sailboat

Have you ever thought about turning back time? Because there's something you want to change some things in your past? Because if you can, it will make you feel better? Because you think mistake isn't okay especially when it hits you hard? Because you feel hopeless? Because your chest is heavy and you want to … Continue reading The Sailboat

The Light

The light unfolds darkness... Serves as a guide through tenebrous depths, where despair is its ally. Light is a sign of hope... When obscurity curls on in us, When fears eats us out, When angst cast somber feelings. Tis' the light that makes our vision possible, To see beauty in little illumination, To appreciate life … Continue reading The Light