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Closed Door Summer

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The month of April- May are the official summer months in Asia, particularly in the Philippines. At this time of the year, beach resorts, hotels and villas near the beach are fully booked.

I remember my last summer with my family, we drove around my province for about 6 hours because we couldn’t find resorts with available rooms not even a cottage, because it’s booked up. After that 6 hours of driving around town, we finally reached a secluded farm land with a resort in the middle of it.

It has an infinity pool, a diving board, slides for kids and adult, wine bar, a water lily farm lying at the back of the resort, cottages in different sizes and rooms for overnight guests, and they got food for room or cottage delivery. Although we wasted 6 hours on the road, nevermind being hungry when you see nature with such beauty, it was worth it even if it’s not on the beach. That was a worthwhile summer and we did spent 3 days in that same resort.

Summer is made to enjoy on the sand, water and waves, but right now who would dare go out and enjoy the heat of the sun when we know it’s not advisable due to COVID. So this is basically a closed-door summer for most of us, and for the rest of us who are beach bums, you can find better things to do like:

  1. setting up a portable swimming pool (just make sure there’s no leaks,)
  2. gardening with sprinklers on (not a bad idea- taking a shower while gardening πŸ™‚ forget it, it’s better to take a shower at the bathroom)
  3. the activity doesn’t need to include water, you may try woodworking, blacksmith, uh those are heavy stuff, well you can try it if you have the tools;
  4. crochet, anyone?
  5. paper arts and stuffs like it
  6. why not try painting? who knows you may discover you’re good at it;
  7. interior designing starting with your house;
  8. how about creating crafts from your trash? Put into good use your plastic bottles, used clothing sitting on your cabinet for years.

You need not try all of those, just choose which one interests you, if it’s not on the list, am sure you can find your way around the internet. Staying home is the best way to fight Covid, you save your own, your family and your friends. Be thankful everyday that you still got your life. Summertime comes every year hence, think of this as part of your summer experiment.

Stay home.


Let’s heal this world as one.

Great “Minday!” πŸ˜‰