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All About You & Self-care

Most women, especially the married ones tend to focus one priority- family. She wakes up early to prepare breakfast, set the table before everyone else is ready to eat. And while waiting for the family members to wake up, she loads the laundry to the washing machine or hand wash the colored clothes while white clothes are soaked in bleached water and soap.

At 7am, everyone’s having breakfast the wife can’t sit and eat, instead she fills all the glasses with water, milk or juice for them. Fill the plates of her kids including her husband. Then she keeps reminding the husband to buy the ingredient for her new recipe; and telling kids to bring their assignments. Huh, that’s one good morning rush for everyone.

So, breakfast done, everyone’s left for work or school, while the wife stays at home. She’ll wash the dishes, clean the house, hang the laundry and so on.

This is a typical housewife, for working wife their life is a little more difficult because they have to tend their home, family and there’s work to attend to. Men would definitely admire that type of woman if he has her in his life.

Surely, you would say as a woman, you are contented for what you have. Okay let’s make an inventory of what you have:

  1. a loving, working husband;
  2. you got an ideal work;
  3. beautiful kid/s;
  4. a home and an adorable kitchen;
  5. why don’t we add a garden;
  6. what else could you ask for more?

How about self-care?
But what is self-care? Is it being and feeling pretty?

Personally, I would say it’s one of the few ways to care oneself and perhaps you might be guilty that you thought it is selfish to include yourself in your list of priorities. It is not! In fact it is a necessity.

Whether you’re a married woman or single, you need self-care. We know women who know how to take care of themselves, good for them. But there are other women who doesn’t because as I said, their focus is on one or two priorities only.

Based on experience, without self-care, you might be leading yourself to self-harm. You might need to rethink because, woman, you may lose everything you built for.

Contentment root from self-care and you may even be better at everything you do.

You may ask me, how to?

  1. Don’t be hard on yourself- you might want to put on a make up before you start your daily chore, who cares? Be beautiful;
  2. House chores are not enough for an exercise, roll that cd, or turn on your music, dance and shake off those hidden fats for 10-30 minutes a day;
  3. Or a yoga to meditate would be best;
  4. Start a hobby, if you don’t have any ask the internet and learn;
  5. Eat healthy food, veggies, fruits less sweets and don’t eat kid’s left-over, please no!
  6. Take a walk at the park before you pick- up your kids at school;
  7. Read 3-10 pages of a book you love every night;
  8. You still have in mind? Add it in this list.

Those are basically my own way to recreate myself as I have been in the dark for a long time, 2 decades have past and when I look at the mirror, I don’t recognise myself anymore. It wasn’t me, the smile on my face has faded, physical change is very enormous. I left myself on its own, disregarded what it needs most, care.

And now, I’ve learned recently the art of self-care- I’ve 17 songs in my playlist mostly fast beat songs and I just let my mind guide me on how I sway my body in a direction the music leads me to.

Apparently, I can see how it changes me and I am contented.

It’s not too late for you too. You gotta start now and be consistent, trust me you’ll love being confident.