Unwonted Friendship

Oftentimes we agree to ignore each other when one of us asks a space for personal peace- for matters of the heart mostly. You, without question, or so they say, without any violent reaction easily agree. I block you, you block me and it's done. Haven't thought of asking you if you should ever be … Continue reading Unwonted Friendship

To The one

To someone who wants that apple from the tree, Start climbing for it! To someone who wants to buy pretty dress, Start earning for it! To someone who wants to invent machines, Start bringing your ideas to life! To someone who's waiting for a big break, Start breaking a leg! To someone who wants to … Continue reading To The one

Artisan 01 – The Amazing Grandma

Our first Artisan is known in their hometown as an "amazing grandma" She is the one who created the "diaper gown," which is now owing her collection of fans from. Her name is Margie, I call her "ate Marge. She is 57 years old, and she was born in Martina, Davao City, Philippines. Currently, she … Continue reading Artisan 01 – The Amazing Grandma

Arts & Artisans

Empty rooms. Blank canvass. Gray paint, Silence is YOU. Heartbreak. Loneliness. Walking away, Running is YOU. Green. Yellow. Red, Bloodsweat is YOU. Turn. Drift. Sway, Change is YOU. Smile. Frown. Cry, Normal is YOU. Seige. Moment. Happy, The new art is YOU! -Lillo 05212020-

The Girl Who Used To Be You

  Below is a passage authored by M. Preston Stanley, an Autralian optimist and my own relief and reminder if I needed a refuge while am drowning in my own ocean of baseless thoughts. His Daily Message is inspiring, like this one. Behind a woman you are this girl you were, The girl who believed … Continue reading The Girl Who Used To Be You