Closed Door Summer

The month of April- May are the official summer months in Asia, particularly in the Philippines. At this time of the year, beach resorts, hotels and villas near the beach are fully booked. I remember my last summer with my family, we drove around my province for about 6 hours because we couldn't find resorts … Continue reading Closed Door Summer

All About You & Self-care

Most women, especially the married ones tend to focus one priority- family. She wakes up early to prepare breakfast, set the table before everyone else is ready to eat. And while waiting for the family members to wake up, she loads the laundry to the washing machine or hand wash the colored clothes while white … Continue reading All About You & Self-care

Be Free

Cry if you must, But never let your pain drain your tears, Don't let your sorrow drown you in oblivion. Feel your hurt consciously,So you'll never tear yourself up With the same old story. Straighten up little one, Don't be consumed of your struggles Because your tomorrow awaits you now.  


This is the first time in my entire life that I woke up in a cold summer. Cloudy, windy and chilly summer, I like it actually. For a few months ago, I’ve been complaining of hot and humid weather, the kind of season makes me uncomfortable.   But, how long has it been for me … Continue reading Anonimity

What defines me?

I am well aware of the fact that people from different places, countries are different from one another. But I believe that we all share one common thing at any given circumstance though varied, but it's the commonality of all race and that is our emotion. Emotion is a state of feeling of a subjective … Continue reading What defines me?