The Girl Who Used To Be You

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Below is a passage authored by M. Preston Stanley, an Autralian optimist and my own relief and reminder if I needed a refuge while am drowning in my own ocean of baseless thoughts.

His Daily Message is inspiring, like this one.

Behind a woman you are this girl you were,

The girl who believed in you,

The girl who was white, good and true,

Who had faith and honour and dreams for you!

The girl who used to be You,

With unflinching eyes and heart’s that true?

Can you claim to have played the game she knew?

The game of a woman through and through

Can the woman you are, tell the girl you were,

That you never a loved betrayed,

Nor a faith destroyed- or a faith deceived,

Nor even a foe belied?

That you never failed a cause that was right;

Nor used a lie to advance your fight,

That you are not lost in the make believe throng;

Who have sunk all sense of right or wrong;

Who lie and scheme for ends that are mean,

And wear strange masks, “fear their faces be seen?”

That in joy or pain it was just the same,

You played your part in a woman’s game?

Or must you tell that girl that used to be You,

That the woman she dreamed  of is dead,

That- caught in a cork in the popular swirl,

For the kiss of the crowd- and the joy of the whirl-

For the favor of fools, you buried that girl,

The girl who used to be YOU?

____________________________________________________________________________________________It’s one of my many collections of spectacles- my own daily doze of thoughts, my injectable to preserve my inner calmness.

Happy reading! 🙂




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