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Little MisSinterpreted

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Whenever someone is being misunderstood, there’s always that confusion in understanding the whole context of the issue, which usually lead to a gap between two persons involved. Somehow, there’s that contributing factor why it happened, it could be that the other person feels sick, maybe there’s an existing problem at hand that he can not comprehend the whole situation in a much clearer thought.

With this, I doubt that nobody hasn’t ever experience misinterpretation in two sides of the situation at different times. And am pretty sure, if you’re accused of being the insensitive one , you wanted to shout out loud about the reality of that slipup. For the other side of the coin, there is that irreparable hurt caused against him. Both sides are contained to what they feel. But does it really matter at all, given the circumstance?

Allan and Christine has been dating for over a year and they’re pretty sure they wanted to spend their whole life with each other so they decided to get married, in two months. The couple has been busy since day 1 after engagement and now, it’s down to one week, their schedule is pretty hectic.

On that same week, Christine’s phone kept ringing while she was busy talking with the event planner and Allan picked up the phone since he was near to it. Before he handed down the phone to her fiance, he saw who the caller was.

Without saying a word, he handed the phone to her, “babe, someone’s calling you.”

“Thank you babe!” while Christine reached out to her phone from Allan.

Nobody knew, except Allan was he thinking about that time, his jealousy is manipulating him, by means of acting indifferently.

Three days have past, the couple decided to take a break from their busy schedule. They are going out for dinner, and Allan is on his way to pick- up Christine. The moment, Christine opened her door she exclaimed, “You look horrible Allan! Fix yourself up or I won’t go out with you,” saying this with a smile on her face.

Nobody knew what Christine meant when she said it, but to Allan it was an offensive remark coming from her fiance. So he replied, “then let’s cancel everything.”

Christine, who’s completely appalled, reacted hysterically and asked Allan, “what are you talking about?”

So they began to fight, forgetting their planned dinner.

What do you think have happened?

Will you blame Christine? Or Allan?

You can choose either side, there is no right or wrong answer because your interpretation depends on how you understand it. But I presumed, you know the what, why and how it happened, right?

The keyword?


You can not decipher nor unravel the secret code of other people’s thought when you only assume.


Not all of us are born with psychic powers.


That’s the only way you will be understood, the only way you can understand.

Communicate by listening, you’re serving a greater purpose amongst other things.


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