This is the first time in my entire life that I woke up in a cold summer.

Cloudy, windy and chilly summer, I like it actually.

For a few months ago, I’ve been complaining of hot and humid weather, the kind of season makes me uncomfortable.


But, how long has it been for me since the last time I checked out my surroundings?


Ah, I never noticed since am so engulfed of my self imposed duress.

Work, studies, relationships, issues… I’ve never had the chance to take care of myself. Not since I’ve decided to be committed to all of those.


Until, I lost myself.








But this day made me realize something, I have to love myself


Looking outside of my window, I see those birds flying around like they’re happy that the rain have stopped. Seeing those dark clouds above them? I feel pity for those birds.

Sooner or later, their happy hours will end anytime when the rain comes.


I sighed heavily, those birds are just like me. The only difference is that, they appreciate momentary pleasure nature has given them.


I blast out a heavier sigh, exhaling out a great amount of air.

I feel pain inside my chest, I can be happy only if I start appreciating the life of me.

Loving oneself, is the greatest gift I can give to myself.


Only then, the pain will be gone.

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