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Amazing creation: “Diaper Gown”

Who would have thought that this cute little girl is wearing a gown made from waste material or used diaper covers which are sewn together and voila! She’s wearing it like a brand new gown.

Then we call it a “Diaper Gown!” The new gown of the century.

Diaper is one of the biggest contributor in climate change. Based on Unicef’s studies and research that, there are 353,000 babies being born daily. If those babies are to use diaper, it would be an enormous waste contribution and that would be too much to handle for a waste.

This amazing grandmother of our little model has just created a great way to recycle a diaper. Why won’t she? She’s an artisan herself by nature, which is also her own source of income by creating handicrafts using abaca and other indigenous materials available in their surroundings. And she is a trainor in their locality of handicraft making! 

While Our little girl’s grandma whose name is Marge, is very patient when she discovered the idea of making the diaper gown. She collected every single diaper which her other grandchild used, took out the gel and washed the diaper cover, until she collected enough material from it, that’s when she started sewing the gown.

Wait, can you imagine those dirty diapers?! 😖Probably for some, you wouldn’t dare. 
But Marge said,

“you won’t mind the dirt because your will to create something like it is bigger than the annoyance towards the dirt itself. And we don’t have enough money to buy a gown for her, so I made it. She had a very nice and unique gown.”

Marge is indeed gifted with such creativity that she turns the waste we thought is already useless. I vouch this person that she is real and an eco-warrior in her own way.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s collect those dirty diapers! Goodluck people! 😉

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