A journey, where some have traveled from…

Caticlan’s (Boracay) natural view- overwhelmingly green

Or some may have not…

Great day to all!

I hope all is great at your end, and that you wake up today feeling refreshed, inspired and motivated, because I feel I am.

Wait, am still at my current situation…

Four days ago I posted about bankruptcy and I felt I hit rock bottom, causing me bruises in all aspects of my personality. Breaking my mental strength, and crippling my last stroke of faith.

Somehow that was just a weak part of inner me, the crying, the blaming and other types of negative- ing has bursted uncontrollably, but after spilling all the tears which were hiding for a little while, I felt energized and motivated to move forward.

What happened during the last 4 days?

My last four days were full of disappointments and surprises. It’s enough for now that I mention good things, because disappointments are already enough and should be spared behind words.

There were events which happened so fast. That it seemed like it’s bound to happen that I met new people who opened a new opportunity for me, making me realize that life is a mystery, and that you’ll never know what will happen after- so be ready all the time.

The people I’ve met are members of one local association of small entrepreneurs in my area who happen to like my store for consignment of goods. They brought me their sample products and we end up in agreement that I’ll be their outlet store for their produce.

It was a blessing in disguise that I won’t be burden a lot for my other obligation. That was indeed unexpected.

I am grateful for that blessing and so as the life I breath at the moment. Hoping to see more of it’s mysteries.

I am very optimistic that life is fair, and that it only teaches us something that we need to learn. 🙂

As for me, am taking it all in one day at a time…