Going bankrupt… and all other things that matter

I am in the retail business for more than 5 years already and I was hoping to celebrate my 6th year with flying colors.

But, it isn’t the case. It turns out that, i am a Milllion pesos bankrupt businessman.

I could hardly breathe at an instant. My mind went blank, my whole body went numb.

The first thing which came into my mind is, “how did it happen?” Although the idea of how is already at the back of my mind.

The only problem is, it is unacceptable because the 5 years of hardwork and pain, while sweat mixes unto my blood is all but thrown out inexcusably.

How? Too many hows.

Until i found myself crying and recalling how i started my sari sari store business.

March 2014. Sari sari store opened

It was only a few months after Typhoon Haiyan strucked my City on November 2013 when i started out the sari sari store. Sari sari store in the Philippines means small store selling retail items, ranging from food to household goods.

In my case, my sari sari store is only composed of few packs of candies, biscuits and bottled water.

The initial capital I used was the remaining salary of my husband, which I remembered was about 8,000.00Php or 184$ if am not mistaken.

After a few weeks, I got 20,000.00Php. Up until December 2013 I got 30,000.00Php saved up as my gross income, which I used to buy one local brand of cake in Ormoc, next city to where I live to sell it to other city for the Christmas season. As Filipinos, are very positive and resilient, we celebrated Christmas even without the electricity.

While everyone struggle day by day because of Typhoon Haiyan, i continue to live for my family. And Ormoc city was my haven that time. Haven for me, because, it is the same place where I go to, to buy my groceries since my own city is totally devastated, where no available shops or supermarkets were open.

I travel every other day to buy goods for my retail store for almost a year. And from small sari sari store, I started selling rice toppings for my customers who are mainly travellers.

Ah by the way, my sari sari store is located in a private terminal where north and south bound routes are available. And where customers are heavily flocking that time.

It was indeed an open opportunity for me because, after sometime the sari sari store produced another business. From candies, biscuits, rice toppings, another product was offered to my customers, and it was hotdog sandwich. Our best seller of all time…

On the 3rd year, my small beginning helped us construct our home, give us a new a daily bread and it helped me provide our 6 kids.

After some time, we franchised one food brand, put up one shop and added 4 shops in a year.

It was profitable, as i was handling the operations myself.


I thought, things would stay the same so i decided to go back to studies and leave the operations to some trusted employees, whom I considered to be helpful of sustaining the foundation of the business.

Almost two years after I left the business, I checked back as I missed it, and I wasn’t busy, when there I found out that am losing a million pesos of business.

A million of me and my life…

I was strucked like, Typhoon Haiyan strucked my City.

Debts piling up, angry suppliers, are just a few. But what hurts more is, part of your family criticizes you. I don’t blame them, but am the first person to experience this personal ill, all types of emotional struggle, stress.

I even wanted to cry, but I can’t. I am overwhelmed with my determination to overcome this challenge. The sooner the better.

But, today, I feel powerless, restless, anxious. My financial status has sinked in…

I am starting to blame those people whom I thought are my aid, but neglected their duty…

I blamed my husband for asking me to go back to school, taking away my focus from my beloved brainchild…

But, myself told me, it was all on me….

I let people, took over me…

I let myself down… and my family… my kids…

I am broken… I cry…

Somehow, how is never meant to be asked when you realize you are the same reason why you experience your own issues.

I am hoping, my hope will keep my faith intact…I rest for today, praying for a strength tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Going bankrupt… and all other things that matter

  1. You raised that business, you know the ins and outs of it. It’s going to be a tough ride, but you’ll get out of it. Believe in yourself. Take care and stay strong!

  2. Hey, I’m just seeing this.

    These times are times of real struggles and trials. We all face challenges, in all aspects of our lives. Some make us stronger, some make us cry

    It’s up to us to stay strong. You have to sit down and think deeply, only then can you find deep and effective solutions

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