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The Sailboat


Have you ever thought about turning back time?

Because there’s something you want to change some things in your past?

Because if you can, it will make you feel better?

Because you think mistake isn’t okay especially when it hits you hard?

Because you feel hopeless?

Because your chest is heavy and you want to unload what’s in it?

And you wish…

“I shouldn’t have… said it… done it…

Like that how you control a sail,

You grope the rope… tight… loose…

Turn the sail about and go back where u came from.

But you see,

Before a sailboat can successfully reach back home,

It may encounter a rough sea… Stillness…

Eventually, your shore is near your reach to explore.

Finally, you sigh…

For relief, that you came back safe,

For joy, that you still see life ahead,

For hope, that strength doesn’t betray you,

For confidence, that you’ve surpassed rough, that rugged trip,

Smile, you became an experienced sailor in your own time.



3 thoughts on “The Sailboat

  1. Lovely! A much needed dose of inspiration.

    1. Thank you wildheart!

      1. ❣️

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