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Angel Investor

Angel Investor? I never heard such a word before, until I needed someone to help me to raise a fund for my capital requirement of my new business venture.

Although I may have browsed online sites about it still, I don’t know if it’s a reliable source of capital as you really don’t know the people you’re dealing with.

Currently, there’s this one company which offers a secure loan in the form of a surety bond. As per company policy, after you receive their approval notice you will then, deposit a 10% from the approved loan as your surety bond.

I am actually hesitant to complete my application as I may not be ready for risky outcome if I borrow a huge amount for my needed capital. Let’s say for example, I need a 10,000,000.00 pesos loan I am obliged to give them 1,000,000.00pesos before I can get the whole amount.

Unfortunately, the same surety bond requirement is my rolling capital for my existing business and I can not risk it for something I am not sure of.

While, I was writing this article, I’ve searched the said company and voila! It’s on the list of the companies which are fraudulent. Will be posting and sharing you the link here next time for your reference.

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